Electronic Program Guide (EPG) XML Generator
requires at least an installed version 2.x of
webgrab+plus with an actual siteini.pack too

use the version for a complete installation and not a beta

loads the path structure of the siteini directories
imports the whole xml content into separated lists

you can do all settings for the webgrab++.config.xml
how many days and which kind of update and so on

1st – choose the countries you want to use for your epg
2nd – select the site where your channels are located
3rd – check the channels you want to have in your list
4th – drag the chosen channel to change the list position

finally just store your xml file for webgrab+plus
now you can use your own process (autostarted/scheduled)
or press the exec button to execute webgrab+plus

take xmlgrabplus to generate your personal webgrabconfig.xml then our
xmlgrab&store4me to generate your guide.xml and transfer the result to
locations like local disk, local area network or ftp and cloud network

xmlgrabplus stores your settings and the channel setup on exit
so you can restore your complete configuration at the next start

download binary for osx

new release leaned on the windows version



download binary for linux


download executable for windows





if you get on osx the message: “sandbox can’t open documents in terminal” on [run WG++] you can do this steps to fix it:

1. open terminal
2. type sudo -s and hit return
3. enter your admin password and hit return to get admin rights
4. type xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine /path and name where run.sh can be found
for example: /Users/xyz/.wg++/run.sh and hit return

there are sometimes SSL/TLS issues under windows7 downloading channel content on HTTPS sites
to fix it you can do this 3 steps:

1. shortcut [windows key] + [r]
2. type inetcpl.cpl
3. change following

[2nd] if 1st did not work
download this TLS.zip extract and doubleclick the TLS.reg file to add the settings to the registry

[3rd] if 1st and 2nd did not work
download this HTTPS.zip extract and doubleclick the HTTPS.reg file to add the settings to the registry

to get 2nd and 3rd working it is necessary to restart your computer

if you like and use our stuff