easily generates your guide.xml and share it to a cloud/ftp
storage or a local ip based network drive full automatically
requires at least the installed version of webgrab+plus
with the complete installed and latest siteini.pack

use the version for a complete installation and not a beta

you also need a working and full configured webgrab++.config.xml – please
just use our xmlgrabplus to generate your personal WebGrab config file

store your epg file online or in your local network and reach your guide.xml
from everywhere and on every device that wants actual epg data and has access
to the destination storage place

just put a link to the executable in your autoexec or create a schedule task
under windows to execute xmlgrab&store4me by your epg days and time
interval criterias

with xmlgrab&store4me you can setup three configurations:
ftp – stores the generated guide.xml to the web (cloud- / website space)
lan – stores the generated guide.xml to a local ip based network storage
file – stores the generated guide.xml to a local path

1st – start the executable xmlgrab&store4me.exe
2nd – choose your destination where to store the generated epg file
3rd – fill the required field to access the destinations path
4th – test the chosen connection with the button on the bottom

after testing terminate xmlgrab&store4me you will be ask to run webgrab+plus
to generate your epg guide.xml and after webgrab+plus is finished the guide.xml
would be saved as you decided in your configuration setup

if a configuration is working and selected in the pulldown you can start
xmlgrab&store4me at next time and you will be ask for 10 seconds to change
your setup or you can directly continue to the webgrab+plus generating
process or if the countdown is finished the process also starts automatically

xmlgrab&store4me stores all the configurations and your setup on exit
so you can restore your personal configuration set on the next start

realtime generating of guide.xml running on windows 10 64 bit

download executable for windows 32&64bit





if you want to use it with a ssh/sftp connection you have to download the putty dynamic link library
just store it into the same path where you store the executable file xmlgrabandstore4me

if you like and use our stuff