the home theatre player for offline and online media content
also ideal for sat-ip receiver based stuff – below more info

  • easy to use and simple to add content online or offline
  • good to work as a player for iptv, ip radio or other ip based content
  • great to use as a sat-ip tv media player for rtsp:// based content
  • choose open m3u/video/audio file with manyplay for direct playing
  • drop m3u/audio/video file on manyplay to view/check/store it in a list
  • subtitle – contains sub channel multi language functions
  • teletext functions for data streams that contains teletext based stuff
  • includes sleeptimer with close, shutdown, standby and hibernate function
  • includes equalizer with modify function for all build in equalizers presets
  • use build in deinterlacer to take control over interlaced video stuff
  • deskmode – full screen desktop view with volume and channel functions

audio&video output based on VLC media player (LGPL 2.1) libraries

download installer for windows 10/8/7 64bit only





download installer for windows 10/8/7 32bit and 64bit





if you are downloading an update of manyplay, please uninstall the previous version first.
your program data and program settings will not be harmed on uninstall and reinstall.

NOTE: if you have a 32bit version installed and plan to install a 64bit version or vice versa – uninstall the older one first

up to [61 tv channel m3u]

up to [347 radio channel m3u]

up to [437 radio/tv channel m3u ]

save the m3u file and drag&drop it onto the running manyplay application to store it into a new channel list
save the m3u file and choose open the file with manyplay or open it inside manyplay to load it in a playlist

use manyplay as a sat-ip media player – teletext sub channel included in tv-channels list

up to [448 astra 19.2e tv channel m3u]

up to [170 astra 19.2e fm channel m3u]

download and open the m3u file above with a text editor
replace all SAT.IP phrases through the ip of the receiver
save the modified file and drag&drop it onto manyplay

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