get the best out of pixelized, nested and down-calculated videos
it combines the features of special audio-visual libraries and graphical tools

at first – the videolan library for decoding almost all video and audio codecs of the world
at second – the graphic32 tools with near to photoshop approaching methods to improve quality

open the not so great looking video stuff or drag and drop it on dooplay
you get a hint in the combo box which resolution would be ideal for this content

remember: scaling of video data with activated filters, generate high cpu
and gpu usage and the result is a reduced frame rate

set the recommended resolution and test out the extensive graphic32 re-sampling kernel
with many refined and processor-intensive algorithms to improve image quality

use and modify also the included equalizer presets to rearange the audio quality

dooplay store all settings and reload all values if you reopen the same file again
so you are able to set your individual audio-visual preferences for each media file

you additionally can utilize dooplay similarly as an ordinary player for local video sources

audio and video encoding based on VLC media player (LGPL 2.1) libraries
graphic filters and graphical output based on graphics32 (LGPL 2.1) sources

available also on or or or

download installer for windows 32&64bit





if you like and use our stuff